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Mental vitality in times of Corona

Themes such as mental health and vitality are becoming more and more important to organizations. After all, as a manager or HR professional you want your employees to remain healthy and vital! "Doing something with mental health and vitality in our organization" is therefore on top of the wish list for many employers. But then the real question arises: how do you approach this? How do you know what an employee needs in terms of his or her mental health? And perhaps more importantly: how do you, as a manager or HR professional, pick up the signs when things are not going well for an employee?

Moreover, in these turbulent times we have an additional challenge: how can we respond to the mental vitality of employees if we all work from home and when communication often takes place remotely? How can management deal with this? And what effect does the current situation have on our physical and mental health? 

PSION Psychologist Ymke Dorrepaal answers these and many more questions during the free lunch webinar 'Mental health in times of Corona' on April 22th.

Lunch webinar 'Mental vitality in times of Corona'

Mental vitality; a frequently heard topic, and just like you, we are familiar with many of the tips and advice. Set boundaries, exercise, take breaks, nothing new right? But mental health is about so much more than that! We will take you with us on our in-depth approach to this theme. During a 45 minute presentation.

For you as a manager or HR professional it is valuable to have an insight into the influence you have on the mental health of your employees and how you can put this into practice within the organization. Especially now, where work and communication often takes place remotely.

Participation in the lunch webinar is free of charge.

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As a manager or HR professional, would you like to continue to provide the right care and support to your employees working from home? Register now free of charge for the webinar “Mental vitality in times of Corona” on April 22th.

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